Friday Round-up and a few words about why and how I find the time...

I found myself in an uncomfortable conversation this morning with a group of women about blogs and bloggers and "how do moms find time to blog?" and "ew, blogs". Yeah. AWKWARD. Let me just say, this is my ninth year of blogging (can you believe it?!) and I still treasure this space as a memory-keeping time capsule for me and my family, a creative outlet where I can write and share my view of the world through photographs, and a great way to keep in touch with friends and family. It is for all those reasons, which are super important to me, that I MAKE the time to blog. Finding the time to do anything is all about prioritizing and time management. I choose to make time to blog, take classes, do photography, make films and participate in probably too many projects, because all those things feed my soul. I also make my family a priority, and my work a priority. I make taking a shower every morning a priority because it makes me feel good. And because not showering is kind of gross. Things that may fall by the wayside - cleaning the kitchen. Going to the gym. Dusting. For somebody else, those things may be really important - and they may choose to make them a priority over something else. Its all about what is important to you. 

This is one of my favorite posts that I've read in a long time. Besides the whole photography element to the post - about photography being an ongoing journey - I LOVE LOVE this quote: "Now I'm not trying to advocate for never cleaning or showering as I still hold those tasks as important, but they fall further down my list of priorities than my family, my sanity and my art (which are my top 3, the order of which may vary from moment to moment). All this means is that sometimes they don't get done because I'm doing other, more important things". Amen, sister.

I wrote this post back in February 2014 about "how I find time". A few things have changed since then: I am not working full time currently (not by choice). We no longer have house cleaners (not in the budget since I am not working full time) and I have gone back to a paper planner for my to do list rather than Evernote. BUT! My general productivity system is the same - I still meal plan, my to do list is still structured the same way, I schedule the shit out of every day, I manage my time wisely and in a way that I need in order to fit in those things to stay fulfilled creatively.

And so, for anyone who was wondering, THAT is how and WHY I find the time to blog. 

* * *

And as for the internet and other blogs and sites - you know I read and love them! That is what this weekly post is all about! I find so much inspiration in words and images on the internet. If I'm in a creative slump, I open up my Flickr contacts page or I scroll through Pinterest or look at all the photographers pages that I follow on Facebook. The internet is a never-ending font of inspiration. I LOVE IT.

With that - some inspiration for your Friday:

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The newborn photos I wish I had. I am trying to be better about documenting my experience of motherhood. I am happy that I have this moment recorded.

* * *

And with that friends, I wish you a happy Friday. I hope you make some time this weekend to do something that makes your heart sing.