Our Week in Photos | Long Island Family Photography

It was a busy week as I worked six shows at "Kinky Boots". 

We did get out for a couple of playground outings. 

The sky looked sort of foreboding but it didn't rain.

Lila likes it when she has the playground to herself - although she did make a friend on the playground this week! It was cute watching them run around together.

It has been nice and sunny most days. The late afternoon sun is the best.

This little imp is into everything. He knows he is not supposed to go under the table, but he does it anyway. He likes to mess around with my computer cord. I also caught him climbing up the stairs yesterday. Time to get out the gate!

Playing with magnets.

Hanging out in Lila's room. He likes to sit on the step at the end of her bed.


Big sister.

I love his little profile.

Target outing! Lila actually asks to go to Target now. Its pretty funny. On this day we got her some new shoes, some shampoo and a new Imagine Ink book. Love the one-stop shopping!

Prepping lunches and dinners and bottles on a two-show day. I'm thinking of starting a "Parenting in Theater" photo project.

Seriously. Logan the Menace.

And that was our week! Have a good one!