Our Week in Photos | Long Island, NY Family Documentary Photography

It was the week to celebrate our little dude, Logan! He turned one on Monday and we grilled outside for lunch with Nana and Pops. I can't believe a whole year has already passed since he was born! I still think about his labor every time I walk around the block with the kids - since that was what I did while in active labor with Logan, stopping every two seconds for some deep breathing! 

Logan enjoyed his first corn on the cob on his birthday! You have to keep a close eye on him because he starts to eat the husk.

Then it was time for some swing action.

Its hard to keep Lila away from the backyard in the summer. She loves playing with her sandbox, watering the plants, playing with bubbles, and running around.

Logan's favorite birthday present? A tent from Nana and Pops!

He is also loving this car we bought him. Lila is too - maybe even more than Logan! 

More meals outside. They really are the best. Minimal clean up!

Last day of 3 year old preschool. I tried to take a "last day of school" photo, but she threw the chalkboard onto the wet grass and was just as big a turd about it as taking a photo on the first day of school. I guess some things don't change.

At school, painting with water. This is such a genius idea. We did this at Logan's party too, and the kids loved it!

Silly goose.

Watching Dad spray the window with the hose.

Bath time.


Playing "grocery store" at the playground. She was "paying me for an apple".

Playing the ukulele on the couch.

Reading her "Princess Stories" book.

I was playing around with the low-light capabilities of my camera. The lights are all off here and she is watching TV (at night).

Logan's birthday party was on Saturday and it was so much fun! Logan decided it would be a good time to take his first few steps!

Since Saturday, Logan has been obsessed with walking all over with his lion walker. 

Yesterday we picked up "The Princess and the Frog" from Target and relaxed all day. It was nice!

And that was our week! 

Wishing you a happy Monday!