Our Week in Photos | Long Island, NY Family Documentary Photography

We've been having some serious June gloom here! Lots of rain.

Looking out at the drizzles first thing in the morning.

I love her morning waves. Lila calls wearing her hair down "Rapunzel hair".

Braids are "Anna braids".

Watching some morning TV.


Rainy day play doh remnants.

Playing inside her gated area. We put up the piece of fence that we use to surround the Christmas tree every year across Lila's art area. She needed a space that Logan couldn't get to and destroy.

Headed to the playground.

The sillies.

"Mom, I do it myself!"

Standing, climbing, taking tentative steps. This kid is everywhere.

Mornings before everyone is awake is my favorite.

Baby jail. Logan is actually sleeping so much better now that he is in a different room from us. Usually only 1-2 wake-ups a night now.

Studying her Disney princess CD in the car. I love listening to her sing the songs.

My birthday was Wednesday, which was sort of irrelevant since it was just an ordinary day. I shuttled Lila around to camp and speech and then took her and Logan to a party for one of Lila's classmates at the Children's Museum that evening. Wrangling two little kids is hard work. I think they had fun, though.

The face of 41.

Playing with Lila's tea set. She'd be mad if she saw this photo. "MINE!"

Logan is really good at independent play. In a lot of ways, he is better at it than Lila.

Lila likes hanging with Eric in the backyard while he's working.

Dressed as a princess first thing in the morning. Her favorite Disney princess right now is Ariel.

Headed out for an evening walk. 

At the community center for some after-dinner fun.

And an ice pop when we get home.

Saturday it was rainy again so we went to the mall for lunch.

And yesterday, to celebrate Father's Day, we went to the beer garden near us with Nana and Pops (Eric was working, as usual). The beer garden was great - it was our first time there. We definitely need to go more often. Lila and Logan had a good time until Lila fell over getting out of the picnic table. Lots of drama, so we packed up and headed home. She fell asleep on the couch soon after we got home.

And that was our week!

Happy Monday, everyone!