Lila - Age 3, Week 32 | Long Island, NY Children's Photography

It's been a crazy up and down emotional week. You have had two little falls in the last two weeks which resulted in scrapes to the same elbow, and it has been quite a bit of drama. You get very upset whenever you see the scrape, but you won't let us put a band-aid on it. So to get around you wearing long sleeves everyday (when it is 85 degrees out!) and refusing baths, you are wearing a sock on your right arm with the toe cut off it. It looks ridiculous, but it is working to keep you calm for now. Add to that a canker sore in your mouth that you won't let me see - means eating is basically not happening. You are stressing your mom out! I hope your mouth and elbow are feeling better soon so that some of this anxiety will disappear - for both our sakes!