Friday Round-up

Its been a hectic week, trying to get a number of projects done before I head up to Connecticut for the day tomorrow to meet a bunch of amazing ladies who I did a self-portrait class with in 2013. I can't wait to meet everyone! 

I haven't spent too much time reading blogs this week, but here are a few good reads for your Friday!

I am really excited about Courtney Larson's breakout over at Clickin' Moms!

Lila sometimes asks me to color in her coloring books, and confession: I find it really relaxing. I am totally adding some of these grown-up coloring books to my wish list and getting one for our trip to California next month.

I love these early mirror self-portraits.

How to fix photos gone wrong.

Some healthy meals for little picky eaters. I need all the suggestions I can get in this department!

Tell your story and then live it. This is a good reminder.

A list of free story podcasts for kids. I wonder if Lila would be into listening to these??

How to approach family documentary portraits.

I am looking to upgrade my laptop and buy a large external display. Here is a great post on monitor recommendations from the Calibration Guru, Damien Symonds.

Loving this post about secrets of a Broadway dresser (Fran Curry, who dresses Kelli O'Hara and is interviewed for this, is one of my besties!).

Interval timer or wireless remote?

These before and after shots are really amazing! Creative underexposure with Nikon DSLRs.

* * *

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Costa Mesa, CA. March 2011.