Our Week in Photos | LI Family Photography

Its been kind of rainy here this week. June gloom, go away! Logan's party is this Saturday and I am hoping that the weather is good since we are having a backyard BBQ!

Her favorite spot.

Playing with magnets.

I just love that window light. Lila calls the window sill "the white table" since she keeps a lot of her toys there out of Logan's reach!

Lila likes going to Barnes and Noble to play with the train table. Its a good rainy day option.

And after the rain cleared, it was lovely and cool. Off to the playground!

On Saturday I drove up to Connecticut and spent the day with about 25 women who I did a self-portraiture class with in 2013. It was a lovely, lovely day. So great to finally meet all these kindred spirits in person.

Then Sunday, it was back to reality. Another park outing.

And that was our week! 

Have a good one, everybody!