Logan - Age 1, Week 3 | Long Island, NY Children's Photographer

You put your toes in the ocean for the first time this week! You were not a fan. But you did like playing in the sand! A lot! And eating it! You are just the sweetest little boy and so funny. What an imp. You do things you are not supposed to and then you sit and wait for someone to notice, and when we do, you get the biggest grin on your face. Such a stinker! You are cutting your two upper molars this week so we've had a fair share of shrieking from you. I'm glad I finally figured out what it was that was bothering you. You are doing so much better (knocking on wood now!) with your sleep now that you are in a separate room from us. I hope it only keeps getting better! You are still nursing, which is quite a workout for me now that you are trying to climb and twist and turn WHILE nursing. I'm exhausted at the end of a session! You are the best hugger and give them out liberally. I love you so much buddy.