Friday Round-up

Its a short one today - I am in the midst of doing loads of laundry and trying to unbury suitcases in preparation for our trip to California on Monday! Woohoo! 

But in the meantime, here are your Friday reads:

How to use a grey card.

Lensbabies for your mobile phone!

Get ready for Amazon Prime Day! Apparently there will be a lot of good deals.

Misty Copeland is a role model.

Really helpful and interesting video about the 8 pitfalls of shooting a wedding.

15 quick meal ideas for new moms (or moms who hate to cook!)

Are we oversharing our photography on social media?

Fantastic article on one of my favorite photographers, Robert Frank.

A little meditation for your rough days.

Wow. Postnatal depletion is a thing.

Love these Day in the Life shots.

Jim Gaffigan on parenting.

More changes for your Facebook news feed.

* * *

I will probably take the next two weeks off from doing Friday Round-ups but hopefully will be blogging a bit from California. 

Enjoy your weekend!