Our Week in Photos | Long Island, NY Family Documentary Photography

We are off to California first thing in the morning, so here is the weekly post a day early. I hardly shot anything this week, and most of the shots I did take, I've already shared in other posts - so sorry for the repeat of information! Luckily I'm sure I will be taking a ton of photos in California so there will be new material to share very soon!

Sneaky Logan playing with Lila's Elsa doll while she is not looking.

Lunch at Panera.

Playing in Lila's room.

Logan loves playing with the play kitchen. And he carries that wooden kitchen knife around with him everywhere!

Laughing at Lila.

My little heartbreaker.

Playing in the excavator.

Running to greet Dad.

Lunch at the mall.

The marigold that Lila grew for me for Mother's Day is flowering!

Tub time.

Something must have been hysterical!

She is obsessed with her Elsa swimsuit.

Our first tomato harvest of the year!

Telling me which way to go next.

Glittering evening light through the trees.

After helping Dad empty his truck.

Watering the garden...and herself.

Staying cool with frozen yogurt.

Packed and ready to head out on our trip!

And that was our week! 

Not sure if I will be blogging or not from California - if not, see you in two weeks!