Lila - Age 3, Week 35 | Long Island, NY Children's Photography

Last week was your final week at camp. You had kind of a rough last day (another elbow boo boo!) but all in all, I am so proud of how you handled camp this summer. It was in your usual classroom, but with new teachers and mostly all new classmates, and you transitioned to all the newness very well. We flew to California on Monday and last week you asked me everyday if we were "going on an airplane today?" You were so excited for our trip! You were a champ on the plane and although it was a long flight you kept yourself busy. We are here in California now, and although you are a bit under the weather and still adjusting to the time change, you are having a blast playing with your cousin Lucy. Its so cute seeing the two of you together, holding hands. You have also taken to the pool like a little fish. You are learning to swim and can't wait to get in every afternoon. We will definitely have to look for some swimming lessons for you at home!