Logan - Age 1, Week 5

My little heartbreaker! You are cutting three molars right now, and although you are handling it like a champ, you are clearly a little under the weather. You are drooling up a storm and keep shoving your fingers in your mouth, and all you want to do is nurse. We flew to California on Monday and you were super unhappy waiting in the long line to check bags and then to go through security, but you actually did really well on the flight. You only slept for an hour, but you happily watched all of "Tangled" on the iPad and ate non-stop for the entire flight. I can't believe how many Cheerios you consumed! You reached your breaking point when we were waiting for a gate at SFO, but I can't blame you. I was ready to get off the plane at that point too! We are now at Granny and Pea's and you are down for the count today with a fever. I'm hoping its just those darn teeth and that you are back to yourself tomorrow. Love you, sweet buddy!