Our Week in Photos | Family Documentary Photography

We made it to California! We flew on Monday, and the kids were both very good during that long flight. I had my doubts about Logan as he was super fussy while we waited in a long line to check bags and go through security, but he was a good boy on the plane. Someone asked me what worked for this flight. For Lila - it was a bunch of activities. She wasn't too interested in watching the iPad. She colored some Imagine Ink books and played with some Disney Princess magnets. She also liked the gel clings I got for the airplane windows. And I got her a couple of new Disney Princess clip dolls which she played with. For Logan, it was boobs, Cheerios and the movie "Tangled". I don't know why he loves "Tangled" so much, but he does. He will sit and watch it quietly from start to finish (therefore we watch A LOT of "Tangled" in our house!). He also nursed a ton and ate Cheerios for six hours straight. Lila didn't nap at all. Logan slept for an hour. Once we landed, Logan was DONE. He screamed until we got off the plane. I can't blame him. Both kids' ears were bothering them during the descent, especially Lila. (They both came down with colds the next day so probably lots of sinus pressure happening). I'll get some lollipops for Lila for our return flight.

Both kids are really happy to be at Granny and Pea's house. Lila is loving playing with some new-to-her toys and following her cousin Lucy around. Logan has been a bit clingy-er than usual - poor kid has three molars coming in on top of a stuffy nose, but he is having fun toddling around a new house. And watching lots of "Tangled" :)

We didn't do a lot the first few days in town. Everyone (me included) had stuffy noses and coughs/sore throats. Logan had a fever for two days - not sure if that was all teething-related or something he picked up on the plane. We did go out to lunch at Shoreline park one day and then went to a really cool playground called "Magic Bridge" with Lucy. On Wednesday Lila and Lucy had a "Daddy/Daughter Day"  - they went with Dave and Eric to the park and to lunch (and then for a beer run! - nice, Dads!). Lila has really taken to the pool. She's been going in every afternoon and is getting braver and braver. She has been swimming short lengths by herself! (she still wears a "puddlejumper"). 

The best part of the trip so far has been watching Lila and her cousin Lucy run around together. They are having such a good time together.

The room upstairs in my parents' house has gone through a number of incarnations. I think it was bedroom to all of us at one point or another. Now it is sort of general purpose room - office/craft room/Lucy's playroom. The girls have been having fun playing up there away from that pesky Logan!

On Friday we drove up to Tahoe, stopping at the Nut Tree on the way. The Nut Tree isn't what it used to be - its a shopping center now. But I did get to have some Rubio's fish tacos, so I was happy :)

We stayed in a house in Truckee with my parents, my sister and her husband Dave, Lucy, and my brother Simon. The kids had fun running around the big house.

On Saturday we all went to the beach at Donner Lake. The girls loved the water. Lila is like a little fish. We can't keep her out of the water.

We spent the rest of the day hanging out out the house, watching lots of Disney movies! Dave and Eric cooked a big steak feast for dinner.

Lila and Lucy had a bath in the big jacuzzi tub... and then Lila promptly fell down a flight of stairs and got a huge bump on her head. Her forehead is now a nice shade of dark blue. 

On Sunday the guys played golf in the morning and then in the afternoon we headed to the beach at Lake Tahoe. The water near the shore was so shallow, you could walk really far out and still only be up to your knees. The girls liked it! They also spent a long time building an elaborate sand castle (with Eric and Becky's help). 

Back at the house that night we ordered Chinese food and hung out, and then the girls put on a show for us (in their underwear/diapers!). Dave played guitar and they sang "What Does the Fox Say?", "Love is an Open Door" (from "Frozen"), "I See the Light" (from "Tangled") and "You're the One that I Want" (from "Grease"). It was hilarious.

On Monday we drove back to my parents' house in Sunnyvale. 

And that was our week, and our California vacation so far! One more week here. 

Happy Tuesday, everyone!