Logan - Age 1, Week 6 | Long Island, NY Children's Photography

My little love. You've been so clingy since we arrived in California! I don't know if its your teeth coming in, your stuffy nose, or that we are in a new place, but oh my goodness, the tears and screams every time I put you down! I think you are having a good time here though - you are having fun with all the new people around. You were really good on the plane and on the long drive to and from Tahoe. Now if you would only sleep longer than an hour at a time at night! We had to move you in with us at Granny and Pea's house because every time you woke up, you woke Lila up and she was getting distressed: "Mom, Logan is SCARED!". You are walking a lot more and getting up to mischief as usual. We sure do love our "menace"!