Our Week in Photos | Family Documentary Photography

We head back to New York this morning! Its been a fun and challenging two weeks. It was so good seeing all of our friends and family, but I am looking forward to getting Logan's sleep back on track!

We drove back from Tahoe on Monday, stopping again at the The Nut Tree for lunch. The kids played for a little while at the playground there. 

On Tuesday I met my friend Jen's brand new twins! So teeny! 

Lunch out on the deck. My mom gets very creative with Lucy's lunches!

Swimming has been an every-afternoon activity. Lila is going to miss the pool!

We discovered that Logan loved the big floor pillows at my parents' house, so to keep him quiet we had those out in the TV room a lot. The kids sat on them to watch movies.

On Wednesday we spent the morning at the San Jose Children's Discovery Museum with Lucy and Dave. The kids had a lot of fun.

On Friday we had a BBQ at my parents' house and many of my oldest and dearest friends and their kids stopped by. It was so nice to see everyone and meet all the babies!

On Saturday I had breakfast with my best friend Michele and her boys and then yesterday my family went out for Mexican food and we spent some time with my sister in the afternoon.

And then, of course, there was one last swim.

We are off to the airport in a few hours, headed back to steamy New York!

Wishing you all a great week!