Friday Round-up

Time to catch up on all the good stuff I bookmarked over vacation... its a long one today! 

Look for leading lines when shooting street photography.

These look like the most comfortable pants ever.

I'm just obsessed with Ashley's photography. I love her moody use of light. Loving these shots from Montana.

Long Island-ers! 7 outdoor museums for kids. Also 5 places with trains!

Ooh these Moscow Mule popsicles look tasty!

Get closer.

13 exercises for photographers to help jumpstart creativity.

This article is intriguing. Does anyone use Capture One?

Everything I learned in life, I learned from "The September Issue". Such a good documentary! These post makes me want to watch it again.

Some interesting changes over at Flickr.

A camera bag designed by a pro photographer.

Do you do everything you can to properly maintain your DSLR and lenses?

A great list of documentary films about photography.

I love Alain LaBoile's work.

How to get your photos noticed on Flickr and 500px.

How to pick images for a Pro application.

I love posts about drugstore makeup!

Learning how to use light well.

Some new lenses on the horizon: the SIgma 24-35 and some new ones from Nikon, including an updated 24-70 that I WANT.

Loving this art project for a kid!

Some tips on shooting around household clutter.

Photographing older kids.

Are you using back button focusing yet?

On photographic style.

You still with me?? There's more!

This Beer and Braids class is genius.

Mixed up twins? This story is crazy, and heartwarming.

For all you cat lovers out there: this is awesome.

How to cut down screen time for kids? Cut down your screen time as well.

Another valid rant about Facebook. 

She rocks a crop camera.

I love stories. Especially New York stories. This one is fascinating to me as I pass by this McDonalds to and from Penn when I go into the city.

Speaking of Penn Stations, these photos of the original station make me weep. Why oh why did they knock it down??

Don't take your child's emotions personally. I need to read this over and over again.

The 15 most beautiful places in California that you didn't know existed. I grew up there and I didn't know about these!

Beautiful photos of sisterhood.

I'm pretty psyched about the new Chuck Taylor!

Gorgeous iPhone pics.

Is there more to the art of the selfie? As someone who has taken over 1000 self-portraits, I say yes. Its for proof, people.

* * *

If you made it through all of those links with me, I applaud you! I will be back next week with a more manageable list :) Today we are embarking on potty training! Woohoo! Fun times over here. 

Wishing you all an awesome weekend!