Logan - Age 1, Week 4 | Long Island, NY Children's Photography

You are getting closer and closer to walking on a regular basis. You are taking steps between pieces of furniture at home and outside, especially on the grass, you are even gutsier when it comes to taking steps. You took about eight steps in a row on the patio on July 4th! I love your drunken sailor walk :) You had fun going to see Darlene at Jones Beach on Tuesday. You were all over the place - visiting all the different families that were there, flirting with all the moms! You are not shy! You have a voracious appetite right now - you must be growing. Often you eat Lila's meal as well as your own! You are also cutting two molars right now - it wasn't fun for a few days there, but I think the worst is over for now. You go on your first plane flight on Monday! I am praying you sleep for some of it, because sitting still is not really your thing at the moment!