Our Week in Photos | Long Island, NY Family Documentary Photography

We were still uber-focused on potty training at the beginning of the week. Eric's dog Riley was staying with us, which the kids LOVED, but it also made Lila a little (A LOT) distracted. Monday was the first day that I put underwear on Lila, and after days of doing great while going commando, on Monday she just peed through everything. I was exhausted and covered in pee by the end of the day.

I cancelled Lila's speech session on Tuesday when I realized she needed some more potty training time before we went out in public. So Tuesday was another boring day at home.

By Wednesday I was going nuts being cooped up at home, so after two hours of begging Lila to use the potty, she finally did and then we set out to the community center for outside time. The kids had fun running around the big baseball fields.

On Thursday, we did it. We left the house for three hours! We went to Lila's speech therapy and then to the Disney Store to get her a prize for potty training. She didn't pee the entire time! 

Back at home we played in the front yard with bubbles for a bit.

The little prince.

We've been trying to get back into our evening walks while we can.

Lila decided it would be fun to run through the neighbor's sprinkler.

Eric brought home a new toy this week.

We hit the park again on Saturday. Logan is so dang happy that he can get out of the stroller and walk now.

And on Saturday night we celebrated Pops' birthday with a BBQ and some cake!

That was our week! Have a great Monday, everyone!