Lila - Age 3, Week 39 | Long Island, NY Children's Photography

You are certainly expressing your independence this summer - "NO!" is your favorite word. Oh boy. Potty training has gone really well. You hate being asked if you have to go potty ("NO!") and you tend to wait until you are bursting at the seams to leave your activity and actually go, but you are going reliably on your own - very often without even telling me. I'm really proud of you. You even had me take your nighttime diaper off you last night before bed so that you could go to the potty. You had a really fun playdate with your friend Coco on Friday. I think you miss your school friends. You keep asking to go to school - only a few more weeks! Since coming back from California you have completely dropped your nap. You still get pretty tired in the afternoons and often nod off on the couch. You are going to bed an hour earlier (8pm) since the naps stopped, but you also seem to be waking an hour earlier, which isn't my favorite! It will be interesting to see how your sleep schedule works out when school starts. I'm hoping you'll be ready to go to bed a bit earlier than 8pm so that I can start getting you and Logan to go to bed at the same time. At that point we will move both of you into the same room together. Well, my love - let's make the most of the last weeks of summer!