Friday Round-up

I'm headed into 10 days of work at Kinky Boots and feeling good for having gotten a few long-term to do list items accomplished. Should leave me able to enjoy my time back in the city!

A few links for your Friday:

5 SEO tips for your photography website.

This movie about photographer Dennis Stock looks like it could be good.

I'm excited about this book.

Pretty sure this is going to be my 2016 planner.

How to grow your Facebook business page the right way.

The video about "fake Facebook likes" in this post has me totally freakout out about paid promotion on Facebook.

Some tips for photographing an A Day in the Life.

Really interesting photos! Watch the video - a photo is not what it may seem.

Why theater parents feel forced to choose. SUCH an important article to read if you are in the theater. And why I will scream JOB SHARES JOB SHARES JOB SHARES until they are a reality.

These mystery vintage photos are stunning.

My parenting advice: Don't kill them. This is hilarious.

I'm telling you - adult coloring books!

* * *

Have a great weekend!