Our Week in Photos | Long Island, NY Documentary Family Photography

I shot a lot of video this week - so much actually, that I wasn't sure if I would have any photos to share today, but in the end I did actually have some :) I made a couple of short movies for Instagram this week and I am trying to post more in general over there, so if you don't already follow me - head on over! I'll follow you back - I always love finding new people on Instagram. My account is here.

This week started out kinda slow, but ramped up by the end of the week. I worked all weekend at "Kinky Boots".

Lila has rediscovered her LeapPad after I put some new apps on it for our trip to California. I've had to start limiting her use as she could seriously stay on it all day. I guess at least the games are educational.

Logan watching a little Curious George.

Headed out on a walk. We were going to go to the playground, but ended up at Adelphi's campus looking for bunnies instead. 

It's been hot and humid this week, which has also meant some rain and thunderstorms. This was a particularly rainy morning.

More LeapPad. She's started taking herself off to her room for "quiet time".

On Wednesday we went over to Planting Fields Arboretum for a walk.

Some video from the afternoon:

On Friday afternoon we went over to one of Lila's classmates' houses for a playdate with some of the kids from her class. It was nice to see everyone and the kids had a blast.

Headed in to work this weekend.

Eric and the kids went to a family BBQ on Saturday while I was at work. Lila was so exhausted on Sunday that she fell asleep on the couch after lunch. Poor sleepy thing!

I set up my new computer and monitor yesterday! I finally moved all of Logan's clothes out of our room, so now I have space for a little desk. My own workspace! Not the kitchen table! I am happy :)

Yesterday was another 90 degree day, so I dragged out the kiddie pool.

And that was our week! Happy Monday, everyone!