Logan - Age 1, Week 10 | Long Island, NY Children's Photography

You've been so chatty lately! I love hearing you babble and coo away. Sometimes it sounds like you are saying Mom, Dad, Nana and ball... but maybe its just coincidence, I'm not sure. You love playing in Lila's room, especially with her little princess clip dolls, which absolutely infuriates her ("LOOOOGGGAAAAANNNN! NOOOOO!).  Rapunzel is your favorite. You are still obsessed with "Tangled". Maybe you and Lila should be Flynn Rider and Rapunzel for Halloween, or Pascal the lizard and Rapunzel. Haha :) You are racing around the house now - you love doing laps, dragging some toy or another. You love that you can get out of the stroller and walk at the park. Freedom! You are still a big mama's boy and cry whenever I leave, so I've been sneaking out to go to work this week while you are napping. You still nurse a ton - I don't see that stopping any time soon. At least six times a day. Your appetite is still voracious and you now know where the cookies are kept. You stand next to the pantry door and whine for cookies multiple times a day! You often skip your afternoon nap and I'm hoping to transition you to one big afternoon nap once Lila starts school (cutting out your morning nap, which is currently from about 10:30-12). Loving my days with you, sweet Logan!