Friday Round-up

A rainy Friday around these parts. Perfect for a lazy morning. It's still hotter than heck but I can tell fall is just around the corner. 

So grab a cuppa and let's get to some reads this morning.

Interesting read about gray market cameras.

Photography (and life) is about subtraction, not addition.

Don't be too precious...aka "Kill your babies". Mike Nichols used to say this about favorite "bits" in theater, as well!

These tacos are on my list to make! And also, this brussels sprouts carbonara!

I love these backstage portraits

Check out the images in the amazing Voice Collection this year! Congrats to two of my friends - Bonnie and Sanja, whose images were included!

This week was the anniversary of the 2003 blackout in NYC. I will never forget walking through a pitch black Times Square with a flashlight and then across the 59th Street Bridge in the dark with my friend Ryan!

A beginner's guide to buying camera gear on eBay.

Amazon's 100 Books to Read in a Lifetime. I love these types of lists. Time to get reading!

How to make something people give a shit about.

How to increase your organic reach on Facebook.

Comparing pro lab prints to consumer lab prints. Woah! The difference is shocking.

Ha - these mock stock photos of NYC made me laugh :)

Another good post on editing mobile phone photos.

Thank you for hating my work.

I love Kate Parker's work.

The importance of "to do" lists. In a similar vein, how to be productive everyday.

I'm kind of obsessed with these photos of NYC in the '70's.

* * *

Have an awesome weekend!