Our Week in Photos | Long Island, NY Family Documentary Photography

It was a super busy week as I was at Kinky Boots every night covering one of the stage managers' vacations. We managed to squeeze in a few fun afternoons and Lila and Logan had a blast with Nana while I was at work. It has been so hot here, so we've been spending a lot of time either inside or in the kiddie pool.

I've been booking sessions for September and October. Look for an announcement about a seasonal special later this week!

Eating Teddy Grahams and playing with her Disney fairy dolls.

Lila was here.

One morning Lila decided she wanted a "bun like Tiana".

This kid. He is just so delicious.

We've had a great tomato crop this year.

One of Lila's friends passed a slide onto us. Lila and Logan love it!

Funny flowers growing out of our lettuce plants.

Being a turd at Target. She should not be standing up in the cart and she knows it.

And a few pics from the city taken during my dinner break on Saturday.

And that was our week! Happy Monday everyone!