Logan - Age 1, Week 11 | Long Island, NY Children's Photography

This photo just makes me want to eat you up. You are delicious! What can I say, Logan, you are growing everyday. You eat more than Lila at every meal. You now know where the cookies are kept and spend a good portion of the day banging on the pantry door. You started pointing this week, and with real intention. You are definitely starting to communicate. You babble constantly. Maybe you'll be a chatterbox! I love seeing you around other kids. You are so enamored with them. Big smile on your face whenever others are around. You bang on Lila's door every morning, you can't wait for her to get up. You are starting to try and do puzzles and fit shapes into the shape sorter. You also have been trying to get your socks and shoes on. Your sleep has even improved a lot (but I won't speak about that anymore lest I jinx it!). Life is good, Logan!