Friday Round-up

One more week until school starts. Will I make it? That is the question. I've been working hard this week to get a lot done so that next week I can plan an outing everyday for Logan and Lila. Hopefully staying busy will mean less bickering and tantrums!

And now for some Friday reads!

These photos of a couple and their puppy, in the style of a baby portrait shoot, make me laugh.

The ongoing issue of body image.

I love these breastfeeding photos.

I'm dying to try the new chicken sandwich at Shake Shack.

Glitterbombs of truths for photographers.

This video stabilization software looks amazing.

Some exciting changes for Instagram!

A good interview with Clickin' Moms CEO, Sarah Wilkerson.

Saving your mobile photos to Google photos instead of your phone. I need to do this.

7 National Parks you didn't know you needed to see.

* * *