Our Week in Photos | Long Island, NY Family Documentary Photography

We spent all of Monday flying back to New York from California. The kids were remarkably good on the plane. Both of them slept for about an hour, and when they weren't sleeping they watched movies, ate snacks and played with toys. I was really proud of them. We got back home close to midnight and they were both wired, but eventually everyone went to sleep. It took a few days to get back on schedule, but here we are a week later and its like we never left.

Tuesday was definitely a sleepy day. Lila had speech therapy, but otherwise we hung out at home and unpacked. 

Nana and Pops came over for dinner. We barbecued out back. Our garden bloomed while we were gone. I harvested so many tomatoes!

On Wednesday we went to Barnes and Noble. Lila picked out some new Disney books.


Playtime at home.

Bath time.

Reading her new books.

So then Thursday happened. Lila melted down and tantrumed all through her speech therapy. Then we went to the mall for lunch and she had a giant meltdown in the Disney Store (because I wouldn't buy her some dolls she wanted). I had to walk all through the mall with her screaming "Don't touch me!" to get to the car. Good times. By the time we got home somehow the tantrum had morphed into "if you use the potty, you'll get the dolls you want as a reward". Don't ask me how that happened, she is a persuasive child. So potty training began. Totally spur of the moment. I wasn't planning on trying until the following week, but I figured, what the hell, let's go with it. So far its going pretty well. One accident a day, but mostly making it to the potty. The addition of clothes is a challenge as Lila still doesn't dress or undress herself, but we are working on it. Its been a boring few days of being shut up in the house. Tomorrow she has speech therapy, so we will attempt our first big outing sans diapers.

We've taken a few walks around the block, but otherwise the past four days have been spent within the vicinity of the potty. I am looking forward to moving on from this phase!

And that was our week!

Happy Monday everyone!