Our Week in Photos | Long Island, NY Family Documentary Photography

We are counting down the days left in summer. Trying to pack in all that we can in the few free days we have left. Lila is excited to be going back to school, though. She misses her friends, her teachers. I think we both miss the structure. The summer did fly by though. It was busy, sometimes not in a good way. I'm trying to fit in some of those "summer bucket list" activities in before Labor Day.

The first activity being Jones Beach. We didn't make it out to the beach nearly as much as I had hoped this summer. I do love going over to Jones and just walking the boardwalk and getting an ice cream. 

It was hot that day so Lila decided she wanted to take her clothes off for the drive home. Okay, then!

Most days I am exhausted by dinner time and some days I can't be bothered with the fight. So I let them eat in front of the TV. It is what it is. 

I think we went to a playground every day this week. 

This was right after he threw sand on her. Such a stinker.

This day we went over to Eisenhower Park. We haven't been there in a long time.

On Friday Lila told me she wanted to go to the beach. The thought of navigating Jones Beach with two kids was too much so I took the kids to Sands Point Preserve instead. It is a small beach on the Long Island Sound, which is much calmer than the Atlantic. Lila had fun standing in the water. I think if I had brought her puddlejumper she would have gone swimming.

This child, however, hates water. He was content watching his sister.

I took this photo of Lila on my bed the other day. The window light was hitting her just right. I've been missing the directional light of winter lately.

Moments in the same room without any fighting!

Walking to another playground. She's a good little walker.

I'm really impressed with how her climbing skills have grown this summer.

This kid gets into everything.

And that was our week! Wishing everyone a fantastic final week of summer!