Friday Round-up

Well Friday, we meet again! Things are finally starting to settle down around here. Lila is mostly using the potty, and I have been able to cross quite a few things off the "to do " list in the past few days. Whew! 

So here we go, some Friday links!

I'm in the midst of trying just about every album company out there. These new layflat photo books from Mpix look great!

New Nikon lenses! I've been waiting for the new 24-70 - saving commences now! Comparing the old version the new and a tribute to the old model.

Ooh peach picking! That sounds like fun!

A round-up of backpack choices for little kids. We have to get Lila a lunchbox this year. I keep hearing great things about Planet Box.

Ashley of The Stork and the Beanstalk is trying her hand at video! Love it!

How to achieve a "film" look with DSLR video.

These portraits of babies in camera bags crack me up!

After seeing a demo of a Fig Rig, I am kind of obsessed with getting one. But then, I thought, Eric can just make me one!

Even If I accomplish nothing else this summer, I must get to one of these wineries.

A super helpful tutorial for getting your DSLR photos on Instagram.

This photo is plain awesome and I love hearing about how it was made. 

Such a touching story about a photographer who documents her homeless dad.

* * *

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Enjoy your weekend!