14 Months Old!

We've got a full-fledged walker on our hands! Its so awesome to be able to let you out of the stroller at the park now and to let you wander around the backyard without worrying about your knees getting ripped up. You did great on both flights to and from California - I was a little worried when you were losing your mind in line for security (I was, too, to be honest) but you were really good on the plane. Whew! All four of your molars came in while we were on vacation which made for some sleepless nights. You've been nursing a ton lately - I'm guessing a lot of it is comfort sucking because of your teeth. Your sleep has gotten better again since we've been home. You usually wake once between 11 and midnight to nurse and then usually one other time. I ignore you the second time you wake. I figure one of these days you'll realize that sleeping through the night might be kind of awesome. You are saying words that sound like "Ma", "Da" and "Nana" - not sure if that is actually what you mean, but we'll pretend it is! This is a pretty great age, Logan - we are loving our days with you! Current favorites: "Tangled", your Melissa and Doug kitchen knife and playing catch.