Friday Round-up

Back to school! Lila is enjoying being reunited with her classmates. This week has been shorter days to ease everyone back into the routine. Thankfully its been a smooth transition. I am looking forward to having a bit of free time next week while Lila is at school and Logan naps!

And now here are your Friday reads!

10 tips for reading with toddlers.

I HAVE to make this zucchini cake.

Some really good tips in this free lighting class by Ben Sasso.

Raising nice girls.

Starting the day off right.

A really good series about on-camera flash.

Some amazing photos of a family on Long Island in the 1970's.

Some questions to ask yourself about your photography business before the end of the year.

Your ultimate goal should be to make people FEEL when they see your photos.

Cute DIY tooth fairy bags.

Easy weeknight meals.

Instagram will begin offering self-serve advertising.

What to call the father of your child. Did I write this??

How to balance camera settings and flash.

A warning from the surgeon general to parents of toddlers!

* * *

Have a great weekend!