Snapshots of Our Week | Long Island, NY Family Documentary Photography

It seems a like million years since Labor Day, but I guess it was really only last week?? Crazy. We didn't do anything special. Eric has been working at the US Open so we basically haven't seen him for three weeks - and he had to work all day Labor Day, so the kids and I just did our usual thing. Park, playground. 

Lila has been super territorial about her room lately, and needing quiet time by herself when she first wakes up for the day. She's in for a rude awakening when Logan moves in there next week! 

Logan has started pointing! Its actually kind of cool that he can communicate this way now!

Reading. Logan has been really enjoying looking through books lately.

Tuesday was the first day of school. I was a tiny bit worried since our parent meeting didn't go so well (Lila was in a FOUL mood!), but actually the first day of school went really well. I stayed for about a half hour and after that Lila was fine on her own.

Our basement renovation is moving along! The play room will definitely be done in the next few weeks. It's going to be a lifesaver this winter. I'm so looking forward to getting some space back in the living and dining area once all the toys are downstairs!

This girl takes after her dad in the mornings. She loves her "rest"!

I started a new online class this week called "Light and Life" at The Define School. This week's assignment was to observe the light in our own house.

The thunderstorms rolled in this week and FINALLY the weather cooled down. I've never been so happy to see clouds in my entire life.

She's addicted to the LeapPad. 

She even takes it to the potty (and is interrupted by baby brother).

Logan has been really enjoying the play kitchen. I'm glad it is of good use!

Same day... more LeapPad.

Lila went to a birthday party at a bowling alley on Saturday. She had a blast!

Today we walked to the playground. The mums are arriving at the nurseries!

We ran into a friend of Lila's from school last year at the playground! Lila had so much playing with him!

And that was our week! Have an awesome Monday!