Friday Round-up

And here we are! This weekend is Eric's birthday so we are off to a classic car show at the beach tomorrow. Should be fun! 

Your Friday links!

Loving this quote. I have to actually put it on my website somewhere because it is exactly why I photograph what I do.

Hey photographers... a new podcast that could be good!

The gorgeous photos on this blog intimidate me but this cake sounds so good! Vanilla coke??

I am a total clog whore.

I never have time to read anymore, but if I did, I'd add these books to my list.

We're hoping to go apple picking in the next few weeks. Here are 20 recipes for all those apples!

These crispy zucchini tacos sound delish, as do these pumpkin bites with maple glaze.

Lessons from Mary-Ellen Mark on street photography. These are really good.

A round-up of one pot meals for busy moms.

6 ways photography helps me savor motherhood.

Looking forward to this class on visual storytelling which is part of Creative Live's FREE Photo Week! (next week!)

One of my favorite photographers, Molly Flanagan, took a summer long cross-country trip and documented it only with her iPhone

* * *

Have a great weekend, everyone!