Logan - Age 1, Week 15 | Long Island, NY Children's Photography

Oh man, I am wrestling with the changes to your schedule due to Lila's school and speech schedule. I feel so bad for you - your meals have been thrown all off. I'm trying to figure it out, Logan! In the meantime I'm trying to give you lunch in the car and thinking that dinner maybe needs to be at 4pm instead of 5:30pm! I don't know. Its all a mess right now. Sorry buddy! You love picking Lila up from school and running on the grass with the big kids afterward. You are pointing at everything and bringing me things that you need opened. You are really finding your own ways to communicate. Its awesome to see. You are attempting to jump! You know the concept - now its just a matter of getting off the ground. We are going to move you into Lila's room next week. We'll see how that goes! You are turning more and more from baby into little boy every day. Thank goodness you still give THE BEST hugs and love to snuggle. I hope you always do!