Friday Round-up

We've entered into pumpkin madness season, people! Its actually still pretty warm here so I haven't yet had a pumpkin spice latte, but soon, soon! I ordered the kids' halloween costumes yesterday (I know, I know, I just don't have time to make them this year) - fall, we are excited you are here! We are headed upstate next weekend. Hopefully there is some apple picking in our future.

And now, your Friday reads!

"stop rushing to get the to do list done, because it never leaves. The kids do." Talk about a gut punch.

Ipad Pro and the Apple pencil. Interesting!

This electronically controlled neutral density filter lens adapter looks pretty cool!

I keep hearing good things about this podcast.

How people lie about their lives on Instagram. Haha - so true!

7 secrets to tack sharp photos.

Love, love, love this post. "Fill the bookends with beauty so that those deep sea moments in between barely have room to breathe."

Pumpkin apple muffins with cinnamon cream butter: hello fall!

What a cool looking stabilizer for small cameras!

A great podcast episode with one of my favorites, Jennifer Tonetti-Spellman!

Be open. LOVE this.

Its the little things that are actually the important things, mamas.

I'm excited for Elizabeth Gilbert's new book. I love everything she has to say here.

* * *

Enjoy your weekend!