Snapshots of Our Week | Long Island, NY Family Documentary Photography

Well, one week into school and the Preschool Plague hit. It wasn't so bad - just a cold, but energy was low. Logan had a hard time sleeping most of the week - which meant I didn't get a whole lot of sleep either. He slept a couple of nights upright, leaning on my chest.

We did get out to the playground one night after dinner.

On Tuesday, Logan and I did our usual walk around Williston Park while Lila was in speech. I took some photos of ordinary things with my phone as part of a challenge for one of my photography classes. 

On Wednesday I signed up for an in-person photography workshop in Connecticut in June 2016 with three of my favorite instructors. We went to Shake Shack to celebrate and then hit the other playground down on Nassau Blvd. 

Poor Logan always gets the colds around here the worst.

The rest of the week was fairly lazy. 

I worked all day Saturday at Kinky Boots and then on Sunday morning I went out to New Jersey to film a "Story in Motion" of one of my favorite families. I can't wait to share it with you!

We are looking forward to a healthier, livelier week!

Happy Monday, everyone!