Friday Round-up

Happy Labor Day weekend! I hope you all have some fun plans to send the summer out on a high note! I'm hoping to brave the heat we've been having and get these kids out for some activities before school starts on Tuesday.

But first - your Friday reads! It's a short one today, guys. Pocket (my favorite place to keep links) is down so I can't get to my arsenal!

I saw this and now I think Logan and Lila may need to be Peter Pan and Tinkerbell for Halloween.

Some yummy looking recipes around the web this week. I sense fall is on the way! Corn Chowder Salad, Sweet Potato Turkey Chili, Brown Butter Zucchini Noodles with Crispy Garlic, Zucchini Noodles with Sausage, Fettuccini with Lemon and Chicken Sandwiches

Grab your personalized Paypal url before its gone!

I am a huge fan of Molly Flanagan's work.

I love all of Erik Kim's posts. This is a good one about finding the beauty in the mundane.

David DuChemin on narrative work.

* * * 

Have an awesome Labor Day weekend!