Snapshots of Our Week | Long Island, NY Family Documentary Photography

Just a little admin to kick things off. I've decided to change the name of these weekly recap posts to "Snapshots of Our Week". The photos I take of my family during the week are for the most part, not portfolio shots - I take them on the fly and edit them quickly in order to share with you - and to get our week documented, before dozens and dozens of digital images start to pile up on me. I feel that "Snapshots of our Week" is a more accurate name for these posts. 

Okay - on to our week! It was a busy one. Packing in as much summer as we can before school starts.

One of our many walks around the block.

Lila dropped her nap while we were on vacation. It means that by about 5pm she is just beat.

I think he has more teeth on the way. He's been nursing like crazy and drooling up a storm.

Morning at the baseball fields. They like kicking the soccer ball around, playing in the dirt and peeling bark off the trees.

We went to Jones Beach on Tuesday night to see Darlene's last show of the summer!

And on Wednesday we went to the Bronx Zoo with Nana.

Early morning before everyone wakes up is my favorite time of day.

The whining Logan does next to the pantry where the cookies are kept is unbelievable. He has become a regular Cookie Monster.

Off for a walk while Sister is in speech.

Things seen while walking:

Art with colored tape.

Delicious tomatoes. We just realized that our sprinklers and drip system have been broken for weeks. We're lucky these tomatoes survived!

Playing in the kiddie pool. Lila kept dumping water down the slide to make a "water slide".

Little brother patiently waiting his turn.

Ice pops and a movie.

He's such a little DUDE (well except for the part where he loves Frozen and plays with Lila's princess dolls more than she does).

More fun at the park.

I am so impressed with how good her climbing is getting.

Golden hour.

Walking around Old Westbury Gardens on Saturday. It was hot, but beautiful.

And, relaxing at home tonight.

Eric was at the US Open all week so we barely saw him. Looking forward to having him around a bit more once the Open is over!

And that was our week! Have an awesome Monday, everyone!