15 Months Old!

15 months! Well, first of all, the glider has officially been banished upstairs behind a pile of other junk so the locale for these photos has changed! No more rocking babies to sleep in that chair! Which is bittersweet, and also... pretty sweet :) Yes Logan your sleep is finally getting to be pretty darn okay. You wake once around 10:30-11 to nurse and then you are generally good for the rest of the night. Your naps were getting wonky and to adapt to Lila's new school schedule I've been giving you an early lunch and then putting you down around noon. Its a bit of a struggle because you are very tired by 10:30-11, but if I can keep you going until noon you usually sleep for a 2-3 hour stretch, which is great for mama :) Especially since that is when Lila is in school! You are pointing now, saying a few words (mama, dada, ball) and signing "milk" and "all done". You whine and pound on the pantry door for cookies pretty much 24-7. You love the park. You love playing in the dirt. You love tickles. You love nursing - you still nurse about 6 times a day when I'm home. You love Disney movies - you're kind of getting bored with "Tangled" so "Frozen" has been your pick lately. You love getting up to mischief. We put a lock on the toilet seat this month because you kept putting things in the bowl or bailing water out of it. If we don't move the toilet paper to the counter top, you shred it all into little pieces. You also love going through the kitchen trash and closing all doors. You are a monkey. Any time you are too quiet, I know you are getting into trouble. Its a good thing you're cute!  I just love you to pieces, little nugget!