Lila - Age 3, Week 43 | Long Island, NY Children's Photography

Last week of summer! You had a blast seeing Darlene again at Jones Beach. You sat up on stage with her before the show for a long time and then even got up onstage and danced with a bunch of other kids during the show. It was awesome to see you be so brave! At the Bronx Zoo on Wednesday you were OBSESSED with finding the lions from the second we set foot in the park. You wanted to find the lions and then sing "Hakuna Matata". So we did! You were also intent on riding a camel with Nana. Another big brave moment for you! At the playground you have been really into climbing lately. Your climbing skills are getting better and better. I actually have to keep an eye on you because before I know it you are halfway up the playground structure without a spotter! I love seeing this confidence and independence in you, Lila!