Logan - Age 1, Week 13 | Long Island, NY Children's Photography

Ah - you are just the most scrumptious! You are a handful these days - getting up to mischief and eating CONSTANTLY. But you do it all with such a smile on your face! Well, except when you are standing next to the pantry crying for cookies! If you are quiet for more than a few minutes I have to go and investigate because inevitably you are up to something. We headed off your joy of throwing things in the toilet by adding a lock to the seat, but if we are not careful about moving the toilet paper to higher ground I often find an entire roll shredded on the bathroom floor. You've also started going into the kitchen trash can and pulling things out - oy! At the park you love playing in the dirt with sticks and throwing sand. All boy, you are! Well except that you love playing with Lila's princess dolls even more than she does! You also LOVE music, especially "Let it Go". Watching you stop in your tracks whenever you hear that song start and then do your bouncy dance cracks me up! Oh Logan, you are such an awesome little dude :)