Friday Round-up

Happy new year, everyone! I hope you all are enjoying the first morning of 2016. Here are a few reads for you!

Working with compositional lines in photographs.

Tips for successful street photography.

The NY Times Year in Pictures.

An inspiring post to read at the beginning of this new year: Let it be.

I love the writing on this blog, and their new storytelling workshop sounds great.

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I am taking on a 365 project this year. Here are two TWIP famiy podcasts that inspired me: Erika Ray and Joe Lindsay.

This 52 week challenge will help improve your photography this year.

Clickin' Moms' top 15 tutorials of 2016.

This sounds like a fun reading challenge for the year!

Obama signs a Broadway tax package - good news!

17 books to inspire kids to change the world.

All hail the Queen of Soul.

26 tiny things you need to start doing for yourself this year (well maybe except for the not showering everyday one).

* * *