10 on 10: January 2016 | New York Family Documentary Photography

The new year is here and the first edition of 10 on 10 for 2016! Sunday was a busy day. I had a video session in the morning in Westchester, which is a 35 mile drive for me, so I had a lot of car time on my hands. Not entirely a bad thing. I like being able to clear my mind and zone out when I drive. Especially without the kids. Blessed quiet!

We woke up to heavy rain.


Driving to Westchester.

Crossing the bridge.

Relaxing in the car for a while after the session ended early. 

Drinking coffee and listening to music.

Back at home - some rainy day play in the basement.

Bath time!

Exhausted after the kids go to bed.

Wine in a jam jar to end the day.

Be sure to make your way around the blog circle to see what everyone else was up to on Sunday. Next up - Krista!