Snapshots of Our Week | Long Island, NY Family Documentary Photography

School started back up this week - hurrah! This household really is at its best when we are sticking to the regular routine. Lila was happy to see her friends again and had fun in her new yoga class, and I was thankful for a bit of a break!

Logan has been enjoying hanging out in the waiting room while Lila is in speech on Tuesdays and Thursdays. There are usually other little kids around and he likes playing with the toys they have there. Good thing because the weather has gotten colder and we've had quite a bit of rain this week. Not good weather for walks.

Lila had her four year old well check at the pediatrician on Wednesday. She did SO WELL. Last year she wouldn't even let the nurses weigh her. She did all the testing without fuss and was really enjoying the appointment until they started pulling out band-aids at the end. "I don't need a band-aid, I don't have a boo boo" she said - and then they stuck her with three shots! Poor thing. We went to the mall afterward and she got a Cinderella doll from the Disney store that she has been wanting.

We also got lunch from Johnny Rockets. She was getting tired by then.

I'm continuing to play with my flash photography. Here's a Lila glamour shot.

Some peace and quiet while Lila is in school and Logan naps.

We put the Christmas tree and all the decorations away on Wednesday. The kids were not happy to wake up on Thursday and find them all gone. Lots of tears!

This little nugget. Getting cuter everyday. Too bad he likes whining.

Bath time is so much easier now that I can stick them in the tub together. 

On Friday Logan had a check-up with the orthopedist. He's been ordered to 6 weeks of physical therapy 2-3x a week. Sigh.

Eating lunch in pretty light.

While walking to the playground...

We had a good time at the playground on Saturday before the rain started.

Whining to get back on the swings: "fly! fly!"

Happy again.

Couch shenanigans.

Yesterday I had a video shoot... I will save my photos from that day for our "10 on 10" blog circle post tomorrow :)

That was our week! Have a great Monday, everyone!