Portraits of My Children | Long Island, NY Children's Photography

Lila - Age 4, Week 9

The other day I went and photographed a friend's baby at the hospital where you were born. I hadn't been there since your birth. All the memories came flooding back! Seeing that impossibly tiny baby... I can barely remember you that small. How proud I am of the little girl you have grown into. Each day with you just gets better.

Logan - Age 1, Week 31

My gorgeous boy. I love how at 19 months you still have sweet baby's breath. Maybe because you still nurse like a newborn :) You were ordered to physical therapy this week to loosen up your stiff foot. We start on Friday. Hoping you learn to like it - you are not great with strangers these days. Loving hearing your little voice say new words every day. This morning: "climb! climb!" as you climbed up me on the couch to the windowsill.