Friday Round-up

The weekend approaches! What do you have planned? I'm looking forward to a pretty low-key weekend, as I have to work for the next few. Hopefully take the kids somewhere fun! We are still waiting on snow - how weird would it be if we got none this year! Especially after the last couple of winters. We'll see. 

And now for your Friday reads!

Changing the way you think about "me time".

Ha - I love these photos of a photographer's camera-shy girlfriend.

Are you familiar with the kids' books "Lulu and Pip" and "Coco and Kiki"? They are so adorable, and I love this idea of making a similar book about your own child. My wheels are turning :)

Girlfriends are awesome. Its so important to find your tribe.

7 tips for finding your niche as a videographer.

Jack and Rose reunite!

Tips on doing a 365 (my favorite: "be okay with the shit ass photos" lol). 

This portfolio review sounds scary and amazing.

I never watch videos that are more than 2 minutes long online, and I have watched this 15 minute segment twice. Adele is so MY PEOPLE.

Some awesome pointers about optimizing SEO on Squarespace.

Moms who swear are the best moms.

Digging deeper into Vivian Maier's past. She used to live on Long Island!

17 hats users - this is a great post on workflows.

So excited about Kirsten Lewis's new class on Creative Live!

* * *

Have a great weekend!