Snapshots of Our Week | Long Island, NY Family Documentary Photography

I started out the week photographing a brand new tiny baby at the hospital where Lila was born - my friend Rachel gave birth to her daughter Lillian on Sunday. I was so honored to be able to take her first photos at the hospital on Monday! I'm excited to share photos from our shoot tomorrow on the blog.

On Tuesday it was Lila's "special day" at school, which means I was the participating parent. Its so fun to see how much the kids have grown and learned since starting school last fall. Even the progression since this fall is amazing to see! They are learning basic math, the science lesson was about migration/adaptation/hibernation (big words for 4 year olds!) and learning to identify their initials.

Still obsessed with "Brave". 

Doing some watercolors.

I gave both kids a haircut this week. It was Lila's first haircut ever. She was fine until she saw the hair on the floor. Then she got really upset and started trying to put it back on her head. Logan - you'd think I was stabbing him with scissors, he screamed so loud the whole time I was giving him a trim. Ugh!

Kitchen table.

Remote control stealer.

Lots of quiet time at home this week. We all have colds.

On Saturday we made a fort - which basically led to kicking and fighting, but was fun for a few minutes.

Yesterday we got some snow! We stayed in, rested, and watched the snow fall.

I was supposed to work on flash outdoors this week for class, but it was too cold to really be out there. I did assault Eric with the speedlight for about five minutes yesterday while he was trying to weld - haha :)

And that was our week! Happy Monday, everyone!