Welcoming Baby Lillian | New York City Hospital Newborn Photography

Last week I had the great honor of taking some of the first photos of sweet baby Lillian, the first baby of my friend Rachel. Rachel is another stage manager here in New York - she just finished up a very successful run on Broadway's "The Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder". Rachel and I (and a number of other stage managers) have been talking about how good it is to see in the last few years, so many stage managers starting families. The conversation is ongoing about how we can sustain these crazy busy careers and balance that with having a family, and I am excited to see where it goes and what we can do to help create some balance and manageability. Seeing so many in our field taking the leap and doing both is so inspiring.

In the meantime - new baby photos! Rachel gave birth at the same hospital where I had Lila, on the east side of Manhattan overlooking Central Park. It was so nice to be back there and to remember how special those first few days of being a parent are!

Rachel and her husband Jason were relaxing in their room when I arrived, and sweet Lillian was having a nice nap. Soon after, Jason's parents arrived to see their granddaughter. Thank you so much to Rachel and Jason for allowing me to capture these beautiful moments on Lillian's second day on the planet!

And a fusion slideshow of the entire visit..

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