A Photo a Day in 2016!

I love New Year's - clean slate, all possibilities lie ahead. I get very ambitious with lists of things I want to accomplish during the year ahead. I want to do ALL the projects. As usual I have loaded my plate with various things I'd like to do - lots of video projects, a personal project about motherhood and Broadway, goals for my business. What I did NOT intend to take on was a 365 project. But then friends in various groups started talking about their 2016 365 projects...and I am such a sucker. I started thinking about it. And then I was invited to a few 365 groups. And then I listened to this podcastand oh hell - I decided to do a 365 project. Only its 366 because of the leap year!

I have taken on 365 projects in the past. In fact, I did two 365 self-portrait projects way back in 2008 and 2009 when I was on tour with Spamalot. I had just gotten my first DSLR, a Nikon d80, and those projects, cringeworthy as they are now (anyone remember Picnik?), really taught me the basics of how to use my new camera. If you'd like to have a look, those projects are still up on Flickr, here and here. I also did a "photo a day" project in 2009 and attempted but failed to do another in 2011. Then of course, I did a 365 of Lila during her first year, and also one of Logan during his first year

So why on earth would I want to take on another? Well, the daily practice is really good. I did a 100 Days of Summer project this past summer, and I am really proud of those photos. They forced me to try new things and also to put into practice all the techniques I have been learning about during this last year of taking photography classes. Also, with my business starting to take off, there are some weeks that I do find it hard to take personal photos. I don't want to touch my camera if I don't have to. This will keep me shooting. I want to devote some more time to stock photography this year, and these photos will (hopefully) be images I can submit for stock. I also want to try to take at least one self-portrait a week (either with or without my kids) and also to work on my still life photography. All of this can be done within my 365(6!) project.

So I'm in. I'm doing it. If you'd like to follow along, I'll be posting all the images on Flickr, and sharing highlights on my Facebook page

Here is my first shot of the year: "Good morning 2016!".

Wish me luck!