Portraits of my Children | Long Island, NY Children's Photography

Logan - Age 1, Week 32

You are going through a super whiny phase at the moment... let's hope that means you are on the brink of some developmental breakthrough and that it ends soon! You started physical therapy on Friday. It was OKAY - you didn't scream the whole time. Hopefully it gets easier and easier each time we go. You had your 18 month well check on Monday (although we have to go back for vaccines as you had a fever the night before) - the verdict: you are tall and skinny! (75th percentile for height, 7th percentile for weight). Time to get some more butter and cheese into you!

Lila - Age 4, Week 10

I had such a good time working in your classroom on Tuesday. Its so awesome to see how much you have grown and learned since the last time I was there. You were so excited by the snow on Sunday! We spent a good hour outside playing in it on Monday. Hoping for enough for a snowman this coming weekend!